Google Jamboard for Calculus

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Trying to differentiate more complex math courses such as Calculus is always a challenge teachers face and Google Jamboard can really help make practice more interactive and fun.

Google Jamboard is an online interactive whiteboard that provides an opportunity for students to work as a group by posting notes and writing out their thoughts.

The tool has pre-built backgrounds to make the whiteboard not just white. A custom background (including in the form of an animated GIF file or a video) can be added as well to make the activity really personalized.

When students are working on something in Google Jamboard, the teacher can monitor their work in real time and make comments/corrections.

In a Calculus class students tend to do quite a bit of practice to master the concepts. Google Jamboard lets the teacher make Calculus practice more interactive and fun, as well as include instant feedback from the teacher.

Students can work in groups in the online environment while being in the Google Meet (breakout rooms) or in a physical classroom.

Google Jamboard Templates for Calculus

Calculus deals with mathematical functions, limits, derivatives, etc. Understanding the underlying concepts and terminology is important, therefore, the first Calculus Jamboard activity we are sharing helps specifically with that (click the image to access the template):

Once students start differentiating functions, they need to learn, understand and practice rules of differentiation. The following Jamboard activity will help them collaboratively improve their knowledge of the rules (click the image to access the template):

In Calculus, a special attention is given to learning how to differentiate Trigonometric, Exponential and Logarithmic functions. Students learn about the Euler’s number and Natural Log. To make practice of these concepts more interactive, fun and collaborative, try the following Google Jamboard activity, where students are being asked to build a raft out of logs 🙂 (click the image to access the template):

Last, but not least – Curve Sketching. This is a big component of Calculus as during the process of curve sketching the concepts studied are put together in order to produce the graphs of sometimes really complex functions. Students greatly benefit from working together, sharing ideas, explaining things to each other while trying to determine all the necessary components and sketch the functions.

The following Curve Sketching Jamboard activity will add some fun and interactivity to the process.

Bonus Google Jamboard Tempate: Equations of Lines in 3D

This is not Calculus, but we want you to have this template too!

This Google Jamboard activity will give your students an opportunity to collaborate while expanding and solidifying their understanding of lines in 3D. Funny puns add some humour and good mood 🙂

If you want to first remind the students of what lines are and how they are formed in 2D, consider our Grade 9 Lessons section.

Hope you find out templates useful and they help you make your classes more fun, dynamic, interactive yet productive.

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