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Polynomial Functions

Characteristics and graphs of polynomial functions

Even and odd symmetry

Factoring polynomials (includes long division)

Solving polynomial equations

Solving polynomial inequalities

Rational Functions

Reciprocal functions

Rational functions (same degree numerator and denominator)

Rational functions (numerator 1 degree higher)

Solving rational equations

Solving rational inequalities

Trigonometry (Radians)

Radians and special angles

Trigonometric functions graphs and equations

Modeling trigonometric functions

Compound and double angle formulas

Solving trigonometric equations

Proving trigonometric identities

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Exponential function and its inverse

Evaluating logarithms

Laws of logarithms

Solving exponential equations

Solving logarithmic equations

Logarithms in real life (logarithmic scale)

Intro to Calculus

Evaluating the limit of a function

Derivative Power, Product and Quotient rules

Curve sketching and second derivatives

Derivatives of Exponential, Log and Trig functions

Optimization problems

Vectors, Lines and Planes

Dot and Cross products of vectors

Equations of lines in R2

Equations of lines in R3

Equations of planes in R3

Statistics of One Variable

Data analysis with graphs

Sampling techniques and bias

Measures of spread and central tendency

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