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Number Sense and Numeration

Place value in numbers (up to a billion)

Order whole numbers

Add and subtract whole numbers

Multiply numbers (up to 3 digits)

Divide numbers (by 1 and 2 digits)

Whole number word problems

Place value in decimals

Reading and writing decimals (words)

Round decimals

Compare decimals

Multiply decimals

Divide decimals

Understanding integers

Integers on a number line

Equivalent fractions

Compare fractions

Mixed number and improper fraction

Lowest common denominator

Add and subtract fractions (same denominator)

Add and subtract fractions (unlike denominators)

Multiply and divide a whole number by a fraction

Understanding ratios and unit rate

Understanding proportions

Understanding exponents

Order of operations

Mixed operations word problems

Fractions, decimals, percent convert

Determine the percent of a number

Percent word problems

Financial Literacy

Add and subtract amounts

Multiply and divide amounts

Word problems with money operations

Sale price and sales tax

Simple interest

Credit and debit cards

Balance a budget


Solve a one-step equation (whole numbers and decimals)

Solve a two-step equation (whole numbers)

Word problems with equations

Solve one and two-step inequalities

Equation and the table of values (independent and dependent variables)

Data and Probability

Interpret pictographs and circle graphs

Interpret histograms and line graphs

Interpret frequency tables

Determine mean, median, mode

Discreet and continuous data

Understanding probability

Make predictions (experimental probability)

The number of outcomes

Measurement and Geometry

Convert metric units

Express metric units in mixed form

Word problems involving metric units

Understanding time

Understanding quadrants in a 2D coordinate plane

Graph a point on a 2D coordinate plane

Directions using point coordinates

Types of angles

Complementary and supplementary angles

Properties of polygons

Similar and congruent shapes

Perimeter and area of rectangles

Area of parallelogram and triangle

Area of trapezoid and rhombus

Surface area and volume of rectangular prism

Surface area and volume of triangular prism