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Number Sense and Numeration

number island

Operations with integers

Word problems with integers

Operations with fractions

Word problems with fractions

Operations with percent

Ratios, rates and proportions

Word problems ratios, rates and proportions

Operations with decimals and fractions

Evaluate exponents and square roots

Simple equations with squares and square roots

Order of operations problems

Convert between standard and scientific notation

Financial Literacy

financial symbols

Determine the cost of an item

Simple and compound interest

Balance the budget

Understanding how to finance a car

Measurement and Geometry

Convert between metric units

Convert square units of length (metric)

Cubic meters and liters conversion

Coordinate 2D plane and quadrants

Classify polygons

Sum of interior angles in triangles and quadrilaterals

Complementary, supplementary and vertical angles

Parallel lines and transversal (angle patterns)

Analyze parts of circle

Reflections and rotations on 2D Plane

Similar and congruent shapes

Pythagorean theorem

Word problems with Pythagorean theorem

Area and circumference of circles

Area and perimeter of composite 2D shapes

Volume and surface area of pyramids and cones


Understanding arithmetic and geometric sequences

Word problems with sequences

Addition and multiplication properties

Algebraic expressions from words

Evaluating linear algebraic expressions

Evaluating radical and rational algebraic expressions

Understanding like terms

Solve linear equations (multi-step) and checking answer

Word problems with linear equations

Rearranging formulas

Solve multi-step inequalities

Linear relation from table of values

Constant rate of change and slope of a line

Equation and graph of a line

Word problems linear relations

Data and Probability

Interpret bar and line graphs

Circle graphs and histograms

Analyze scatter plots

Mean, median, mode and range

Understanding quartiles

Probability of simple events

Experimental probability

Probability of independent and dependent events

Probability of opposite and overlapping events

Counting principle