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Introduction to Functions

Basic functions and their characteristics

Domain and range of a function

Transformations of functions

Quadratics and Rational Expressions

Standard, vertex and factored forms of parabola

Completing the square

Factoring quadratics

Simplifying rational expressions

Restrictions in rational expressions

Multiplying and dividing rational expressions

Adding and subtracting rational expressions

Exponential Functions and Finance

Rational exponents

Solving exponential equations

Exponential equations and graphs

Exponential growth and decay

Doubling and half-life problems

Appreciation and depreciation


Primary and reciprocal trig ratios

Sine Law and Cosine Law

Word problems in 2D and 3D

Trigonometric identities

Unit circle and special angles (degrees)

Graphing periodic functions

Solving trigonometric equations

Word problems modelling periodic functions

Sequences/Series and Finance

Arithmetic sequences and series

Geometric sequences and series

Mixed sequences and series

Compound interest

Future Value of Annuities

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