Number Sense and Algebra

Adding and subtracting integers

Multiplying and dividing integers

Adding and subtracting fractions

Multiplying and dividing fractions

Operations with fractions and whole numbers

Exponent laws (numbers only)

Order of operations

Exponent laws (algebraic expressions)

Classifying polynomials

Collecting like terms

Distributive property (monomial binomial)

Solving one step equations

Solving multistep equations

Solving equations with brackets

Solving equations with fractions

Rearranging formulas

Linear Relations

Independent and dependent variable

Table of values (fill in)

Types of correlation

Line of best fit

Interpolation and extrapolation

Distance time graphs

Analytic Geometry

Direct and partial variation

Slope of a line (rate of change)

Parallel and perpendicular lines

What’s the equation of this line

Convert to slope intercept form of an equation

Word problems (linear relations)

Measurement and Geometry

Perimeter and area of composite 2D figures

Volume and surface area of pyramids and cones

Volume and surface area of prisms and spheres

Volume and surface area of composite 3D figures

Triangle and quadrilateral theorems

Polygon theorems

Geometry with algebra

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