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Number Sense and Numeration

Understanding integers and absolute value

Add and subtract integers

Multiply and divide integers

Understanding factors

Divisibility rules

Understanding LCM and GCF

Add and subtract decimals

Multiply and divide decimals

Add and subtract fractions (unlike denominators)

Multiply fractions

Reciprocals of numbers

Divide fractions

Converting between fractions and decimals

Word problems with decimals and fractions

Evaluating exponents (positive and negative base)

Evaluating exponents (decimal and fractional base)

Square roots of perfect squares

Convert percent, decimals and fractions

Compare percent, decimals and fractions

Word problems with percent, decimals, fractions

Direct and inverse proportions

Solve proportions

Financial Literacy

Operations with money

Word problems with money and percent

Simple interest

Savings account and how it works

Understanding credit cards

Measurement and Geometry

Convert metric units (includes mixed)

Convert square and cubic units of length

Classify polygons

Angles in triangles

Parallel lines and transversal (angle patterns)

Understanding symmetry

Understanding similar shapes

Elements of a circle

Area and circumference of a circle

Area and perimeter problems

Volume and surface area of a cylinder

Volume and surface area of prisms


multistep equation

Multiplication properties

Words and operations

Evaluate algebraic expression

Understanding like terms

Solve one and two-step equations

Solve equations with unknown on both sides

Word problems with equations

Solve one and two-step inequalities

Rearrange simple formulas

Table of values and linear equation

Graph of linear equation

Data and Probability

Interpret tables

Interpret bar graphs and circle graphs

Interpret histograms and line graphs

Choose the best type of graph

Determine mean, median, mode and range

Probability of events (basic)

Experimental probability

Independent and dependent events

Counting principle