Number Sense and Numeration

numbers on the island

Natural numbers (place value)

Add and subtract numbers up to 1000000

Order natural numbers

Order fractions (same denominator)

Add and subtract fractions (same denominator)

Word problems adding and subtracting fractions (same denominator)

Order mixed numbers (same denominator)

Add and subtract mixed numbers (same denominator)

Place value in decimals (up to thousandths)

Convert fractions to decimals (up to hundredths)

Add and subtract decimals (up to hundredths)

Word problems adding and subtracting decimals

Percent (0, 25, 50, 75, 100)

Percent to fractions and decimals (0, 25, 50, 75, 100)

Multiply vertically (two digit by one digit numbers)

Multiplication properties

Long divide (two digit by one digit numbers)

Word problems multiplication and division

Understanding a unit fraction

Multiply a unit fraction by a whole number

Financial Literacy

dollar under magnifying glass

Dollars and cents

Understanding budgeting

Understanding credit cards

Measurement and Geometry

geometry thumbnail

Classify angles

Classify triangles

Area of parallelogram

Area of triangle

Metric units of mass, capacity and length

Compare metric units of length

Compare metric units of mass

Understanding the 2D coordinate plane

Identify the coordinates of a point

Match the point with its coordinates



Translate words into algebraic expressions

Create equations based on the diagrams

Perform substitution and evaluate

Solve simple equations (addition and subtraction)

Solve simple equations (multiplication)

Create an equation to model the situation

Data and Probability

data and probability

Understanding survey bias

Interpret a bar graph

Interpret a frequency table

Understanding the probability

Determine the probability