Need extra math support? Try not to put it off

failure should not be an option image

Starting extra math support early in the year to prevent failing in math is crucial to student’s self-esteem, as well as consistent progress and success.

Even one hour a week of targeted extra practice, focused specifically on the concepts the student is struggling with, could make a huge difference.

Middle school students usually require help with determining what exactly they should be working on and what the format of their learning should be. Thus, adults can help them establish and maintain routine, as well as provide resources that are concise, clear and well structured. One such resource is

Unfortunately, many parents do not recognize the importance of the consistent targeted daily practice and extra math support outside of school hours and end up signing their kids up for tutoring sessions only when it is already almost or too late in the semester/year.

The most optimal approach is to determine how the student feels about math (usually they know ahead of time or as early as one week into the new school year) and discuss options that would help the student stay on top of their learning and not fall behind.

These options do not have to include the most expensive solutions, but rather consistent and targeted math support.

The point of no return should simply not even be an option.


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