5 tips to help your child improve math grade

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When it comes to any child’s learning, parents/guardians should not just be passive bystanders. Most children require a nudge, a routine of engagement and consistency in order for them to start practicing and improve math grade.

1. Set up daily math homework hours.

Consistency and routine are very important when it comes to math. To master most mathematical concepts a student needs regular practice. It should turn into a habit. Therefore, parents can help their kids establish specific times in their schedule when they are supposed to focus on math at home and stick to those times as much as possible.

2. Do homework with them.

It may not be possible all the time, but it is a good idea to complete math homework with your child to the best of your ability at least occasionally. Students especially love it when they are able to show off and do something better than their parents, so let them ;).

3. Monitor their progress at school.

Decide with your child what level of achievement in math is desirable/acceptable for both of you and contact the teacher once in a while to ensure your child is consistently meeting the expectations. Teachers can get busy and if a student is not failing you may not really hear from the teacher until the midterms. Be proactive. It will help eliminate surprises, as well as keep your child on the right track and improve math grade.

4. Know what to focus on.

Some teachers may not assign specific homework or your child may complete it in class. It does not mean that practice should end at school, since “practice makes perfect”. You can always check out the Curriculum document on the Ministry of Education website for a specific grade and know exactly what your child should be focusing on. The lessons offered by intomath.org cover the concepts that most students need help with or want to be challenged on, but there are more concepts that your child may be interested in exploring.

5. Stay positive and lead by example.

Children look up to adults. It is useful when asking your child to follow routine to do the same in your own life. Also, reminding your child that math is everywhere and that they need it at home, at the store, to conduct business, to purchase a car or get a student loan is useful. Encourage your child to improve or expand their knowledge by praising them regularly and showing genuine interest in their success.

Do you have any useful tips that helped your child succeed in math, not mentioned in this blog? Share them in comments, so that other parents/guardians could try them as well!

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