5 Ways to Engage Your Child in Math

5 ways to engage child in math

Making math a part of children’s everyday life and showing them how useful it is can increase kids’ engagement and desire to learn math. Check out the infographic below, highlighting the ways parents can engage their children in math.

5 ways to engage your child in math

Math is being used in so math professions!

Provide examples of your family and friends and the type of math they need to do at work every day. Discuss famous people who invented something.

Ask your kid to help you pay the bills. Encourage them to help you make a shopping list or create a budget for something. Show them what a credit card statement looks like. They will be excited to participate!

There is so much math in sports and music!

Discuss fractions when reading the notes and counting beats. Determine the average score record of a soccer team or percentage of goals.

Who does not like to be praised and/or rewarded for effort and achievement? Motivate your child to study math by offering some kind of a reward, but make sure to only reward the true effort and determination.

Math apps, games and online resources are definitely there to help students better understand math and feel more engaged. From learning multiplication tables to solving equations – technology makes it more fun.

Ways to Engage Kids in Math Infographic



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