Math is a fascinating discipline and anyone can succeed in math with these simple math learning strategies (Grade 8).

Step 1. Learn the basics

When building a house we start with the foundation. Then we keep adding the walls, the roof and all other elements.

Learning math is like building a house – you need to have a solid foundation to start building the walls and the roof, adding mosaics or creating arches.

All that prior knowledge helps us develop better understanding of math we learn in grade 8 and ensure we are prepared for high school.

The foundation in math are things like operations with integers, fractions and decimals, divisibility rules, times tables, squares and square roots, exponent rules, angle theorems and so on.

Without a solid foundation it is impossible to build a solid and beautiful house.

Step 2. In math things don’t just happen – there is logic in everything

Once you are good with basics, you will start seeing and recognizing patterns. As you progress to a more complex math – you will better understand why things in math are the way they are. Math is like a house of cards, where one concept supports another or one idea is derived from another. Once you understand one, you will understand the ones based on it. You miss one – and your house of cards will fall.

Therefore, try to not just follow the steps, but understand why you are following those steps, starting from the very basics.

Step 3. Practice

When you learn to play an instrument or play sports, you are not immediately a pro at what you do. Achieving good results requires lots of practice and dedication.

Math works the same way. The more you practice, the better you are at it. The better you get, the more confident you feel about it and all of a sudden math comes so easy!

Consistency, dedication and perseverance are key to being good at math.

Mathematics is a global language, one of the most logical things in this world.
Do not be afraid of it – follow the three simple math learning strategies offered above and enjoy your success!

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